Heads or Tails: Atenista questions

For this Heads or Tails post, Tiborcee posited the following questions:

1. What’s your student number?
870627(College)/91-134(Law School)

2. Did you pass Ateneo or was waitlisted?
passed (and even got a merit scholarship)

3. How did you know your ACET (Ateneo College Entrance Exam) result?
Our ADMHS guidance councilors released all our letter all at the same time. I could still hear the collective screams (of agony or joy) that day…

4. Is Ateneo your first choice?
Of course. I came from its high school also.

5. What is your ACET score?
I was merit scholar so I guess it was high.

6. What course was your first choice?
Legal Management

7. Second choice?
Political Science, I think.

8. Are you chinito?
Dark, short and fat chinito

9. From Ateneo high?

10. Did you enjoy you orsem (orientation seminar)?
Yes, a younger, unretouched and more down-to-earth Regine Velasquez sang during our ORSEM night.

I participated in future orsems as an ORCOM member all my college years hence. Even met my first gf there.

11. What gate did you use on your first day?
During high school, gate 2
During college, gate 3.
During Law School, back door.

12. Did you live in a dorm?
My house is near…

13. Did you ever get an “F”?
No grade lower than C+. And only two of them.

14. How about an “A”?
More A’s than any other letter grade.

15. Highest grade?
full house/four-of-a-kind. Four A’s (or was it three?) and a couple of B+s, but I could not remember the QPI.

16. Lowest?
C+ in English and Philo… One sem out of the dean’s list (the first Sem of my life).

17. Worst experience in admu:
Also baking under the sun for rotc/cmt.

18. Did you always attend your classes?
Except for CMT (ROTC) where I used all my cuts, you can count with one hand all my cuts for my whole college stay.

19. On scholarship?

20. Did you dream of being “laude?”
Yes. Did not come close, but I medalled.

21. When did you graduate?
March 1991/March 1995 (law school). From there, you can calculate my age (oops, you can do that too from my profile…)

22. Fave teacher?
Fr. Bartholomew Lahiff, S.J.(+). Dra. Christina Astorga, Fr. Adolfo Dacanay, S.J., Fr. Luis Candelaria, S.J. (we hated him when he was HS principal because he resectioned our classes and imposed a dress code, but loved him during College), Dr. Ramon Reyes, Dra. Soledad Reyes, Atty. Maningat, Fr. Jose Arcilla, S.J., Dr. Policarpio Peregrino.

23. Worst teacher?
Atty. Martinez. A lawyer teaching marketing? C’mon!

24. Fave subject?
Theo 131- Marriage including Family Planning (got an A there but miserably failed in OJT…)

25. Worst subject?

26. Favorite landmark in admu?
Gate 3 Waiting Shed (memories…)

27. Building?
Faura, where all the beauties used to be…

28. fave eating place?
Used to called the “country club” (near the tennis courts) and Pampanguena

29. Did you pay student rates in jeepneys?
Did not have those discounts during my time. But it was only P1.50 minimum fare then…

30. Are you always at the Rizal lib?
Somebody told me to have my nameplate nailed to my usual desk there…

31. Ever gone to the infirmary?
Yes. Had a blood pressure of 160/120 so the nurse gave me calcibloc had my “mommy” fetch me…

32. Any crush on campus?
So many! From the “girl mountain” to the “nice booty twitch”! And who could forget “GT FOREVER!!!”

33. Girlfriend?
My first, after college while in law school.

34. Any plans to get a master’s or a Ph. D.?
Probably, but not here.

35. What were your PE subjects?
foundations (pe101), table tennis, lawn tennis at swimming (during second sem… it was cold!)

36. How was your block ?
Also close in general, but of course there were individual groups. Still in touch with some of them.

37. Ever watched a graduation?
Yes. My cousin, Prof. Sereno’s, of UP Law. She graduated valedictorian. She’s the reason I studied law…Bea’s prep graduation also.

38. Memorized “Song for Mary?”
Since high school (I can even play it.)

BTW. I was surprised that younger Ateneans don’t know that our alma mater song was knocked off by the late Raul Manglapuz from “Oh, Canada,” the Canadian National Anthem…

39. Memorized “Fabilioh?”

(The spelling could be wrong, though…)
Ho! Fabilioh!
Ready, 1, 2..

Fabilioh Fee!
Fablioh Aei!
Hurrah, hurrah
Hurrah Rah
Ateneo, Ateneo
Rah! Rah! Rah!

40. How about “Halikinu?”
Of course.

Ho! Halikinu!

Ready, 1, 2…

Halikinu Kinikina
Halikinu Kinikina
Yea bo, yea bo, Ateneo rah!
Halikinu Kinikina
Halikinu Kinikina
Yea bo, yea bo, Ateneo rah!

Halikinu hu!
Halikinu rah!
Halikinu kinikina
Rah rah rah!
(Do you want the X-rated version?)

41. How about “Blue Eagle Spelling?”

Blue Eagle spelling!
Ready? 1,2…
B L U E…
Blue Eagle! Blue Eagle!
Blue Eagle! The King!

(How about UP spelling….? Easier but boring…)

42. Are you a member of Team Ateneo?
Only in spirit.

43. Who were your favorite UAAP basketball players?
Of the ones who played during my stay, my HS classmate Danny Francisco, Eric and Jun Reyes
Of the ones who played after my stay, Rich Alvarez, Richie Ticzon, L.A. Tenorio, Wesley Gonzalez…

44. Ever got “perfect” in an exam?
I can’t remember, probably. But I got a “100” quarterly grade twice in high school…

45. What do you hate most about hell week?
What’s hell week?

46. Did you learn how to smoke and drink there?
I didn’t learn how to smoke. I learned to drink when I got married… way after my school days…

47. What did you like about our school?
Also the people, the scenery, the two latin diplomas, and the distance from my house and oh, the “Jesuit” education.

48. What didn’t you like?
The 7:30 classes at 2nd floor, Gonzaga Hall, followed by an 8:30 class at 2nd floor, Belarmine Hall. The teacher in Gonzaga (Prof. Eric Torres) insisted on extending our class while our 8:30 (Fr. Bart Lahiff, S.J.) was so particular about tardiness… Got my thrice a week exercise from it, though.

49. Bought anything in the A-shop?
Before grad, my mother liked buying tshirts at jackets. after grad, I bought mostly planners…

50. Did you look good in your ID pic?
No. In college, I had my picture taken after a grueling registration process, hence the harrassed look. In law school, my ID pic was my college grad pic taken by Toch…

51. Did anything illegal inside the campus?
I was a saint during college.

52. Bought anything in National katips?
During my college days, there was no National katips, but I bought something there recently.

53. Have you been to Starbucks katips?
Yes. Even if it replaced Tia Maria’s, the “view” there is spectacular…

54. Want to study again?
Someday, in the states…

His answers to the same questions can be found here.

(PS. stepping on poop also answered the same questions here.)


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  1. The one same tune being imposed by Raul Manglapuz the “Oh, Canada..” umm, informative reads =)

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