There’s that D-O-G again…

Again in some stroke of pure genius, the D-O-G of a department will again see if charges could be filed against “that griping widow.” Utterly in bad taste, chauvinist and downright insensitive of it… And you know what they say about people who pick fights with women…

They also need to be remided that the last “griping widow” managed to topple a 20 year old dictatorship that allowed them to be in power now… Never underestimate what these “griping widows” can do. What this last “griping widow” achieved, this D-O-G can never hope to match even in their multiple lifetimes. They better just go back to tooting their own horns (or “huwang-huwangs,” as one of my classmates from law school used to say) because that’s the only thing they’re good at…

In some other news, the First Gentleman and the Eldest Son shall make the “sacrifice” and go to some undisclosed foreign land.

Where can I sign up to make the same “sacrifice”? Going to a foreign land, and probably not work for a living, living like royalty and instead engage in endless socializing. It’s going to be hard, but I’m also willing to sacrifice like this for the good of the country.

Finally, I thought Congress will “send home” their teachers for giving the “wrong” answers for their questions…

Only in the Philippines! Oh well…

Sorry guys. I’m too tired to make a blog lecture today…perhaps tomorrow…anyway, four “legal luminaries” already made lectures yesterday about things I have already said…here, here in relation to this.


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