Hanging up my shingle…

This is a continuation of a previous post

About six months into my in-house counsel job, I already wanted to quit. Only two things stopped me from that:

1. I had contractual obligations (you know us and contracts…)
2. I had nowhere else to go. (ala Richard Gere…)

When this contract expired (and I allowed it to), I still had nowhere else to go.

Hence, looking back, I had a lot of “cajunas” opening a solo practice with almost zero clients. I got retainers from my in-house job, but that was nowhere near our monetary requirements.

The cash flow is unpredictable and sometimes scarce. That’s the most unnerving part of it all, given my family’s continuous and fixed expenses. You’ll never know when you’ll get money for the next round of expenses. But somehow, God never fails to provide. (A lawyer waxing religious or spiritual? You may be thinking at this point, is this guy really a lawyer?)

I was (or I still am) a true solo-practitioner because I don’t even have a secretary or a messenger. In work, as in my present personal situation, I am, and will always be, a loner.

The practice is “ho-hum” with of-the-shelf cases that, though complicated in some respects, can never measure up to the kind of things one handles in a Makati law office.

But I would not want it anyway else.

I don’t want to go back to a law office or a corporate or in-house job. But government? Tune in next time…


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