Wanna hear the BPOCC?

A very special shoutout to John, a fellow BPOCC member, who managed to record our performance during the convention and made the MP3 files available for download. Now I have another thing to thank him for aside from giving me the invite to my much-abused Gmail account…

(And a side note, if you want a Gmail invite, just tell me. I have 50 invites and they keep replenishing it everytime…)

Wanna hear us perform Pananatili (remember the IBC13 “filler” MTV of a husband who had to leave his wife to work so they just write “snail mail” [aughhh!] to each other)?

Then click here.

Sorry for the quality, this was probably recorded live using a small tape recorder as performed. Perhaps we can get a better copy next time. Of course, I did not sing there. Just listen to the flute parts in the beginning, middle and end…


Want to hear our second song “Kung ‘Yong Nanaisin”? This was sung a capella so I had no part here…

Then click here.

Also, I stand corrected. John used a Creative Nomad MuVo TX-FM, not a tape recorder…



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3 responses to “Wanna hear the BPOCC?

  1. Downloaded it, heard it, loved it. Pananatili was one of the songs my wife and I selected for our wedding. It still brings tears to my eyes. Nice performance!

  2. In an Elvis accent:

    Thank you… thank you… thank you very much…

  3. Kinilabutan ako sa flute, sana kilala na kita noong church wedding namin 4 years ago (ganon na ba katagal yun?). Galing! Galing! Idol na kita Atty!

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