A Country Divided…

I make this blog entry for the record and our posterity, as things are moving so fast.

At no time has this country been so divided. Civil Society vs. civil society. Party member vs. party member. Cabinet members vs. cabinet member. Business vs. business. INK vs. ADD. Ateneo vs LaSalle (on Sunday)…

Even Cory Aquino has called for her resignation. She is the most credible person who has made this call…the Bishops may follow suit later…(I sure miss Cardinal Sin…)

Let’s just hope it’s not going to armed group vs. armed group.

As Cory Aquino has succinctly stated, there are only two options left: resignation or impeachment.

Resignation is the fastest, most expedient way of returning to normalcy.

The second path is more politically, economically and socially bloody, something the country can ill-afford at any point.

Only one person now holds the key to unite or divide this country. I just hope she does the right thing and not divide the country further.

Ma’am, with all due respect, I think it’s time to go…There is no one to blame for all of this but yourself. Of course, your husband and eldest son deserve more than swift blows to the back of their heads on your way out… As a lawyer, I also advise you to secure your pardon papers from VP Noli before you go…

All I can do now is pray… so Let’s…


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One response to “A Country Divided…

  1. I want to share this letter here because I was deeply moved by its sincerity and the truth that it says:

    “I look at this piece not as a condemnation of Arroyo but of our social ill.

    Centuries ago, our filipino forefathers have warned us of this social cancer called “corruption” and yet here we are today in the 21st century and it’s still on going. This cancer is so rooted in the veins of Philippine politics that I don’t think anything can be done to cure it. We’ve seen it in our history, that change of government whether civil or through violence, will mutate to another “New” government and corruption will replicate wildly onto itself all over again. Until perhaps, all resources have been sucked out of our fragile motherland. What then?

    So sad – it’s a never-ending spiral.”

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