Just for the record…

Just for the record, Mr. Chairman, may I make another manifestation on a point of privilege?

The Honorable Punzi is again recognized…

Thank you, Mr. Chairman, two things:

I just watched Talkback with Tina on ANC and I was utterly surprized! Sec. Tiglao came thoroughly prepared! He even had a codigo (Filipino slang for crib notes) to slam Former Secretary Rene Villa well. For me, he was too prepared. What sort of a man who claims to have no ill motives just rattles of timelines or chronologies in an feeble attempt to prove a conspiracy?

This august body that is the blogosphere has to face it. They were just overwhelmed and they just better thank their lucky stars that was not enough tipping point…

Personally, Mr. Chairman, there is no need to breed ill will among one’s fellow men, especially against whom they used to work with for years…

And these people even have the temerity of sounding like “Messrs. Integrity” before the likes of Emy Boncodin… Who are they trying to fool?

And your second point, Honorable Punzi?

Just this, Mr. Chairman. I have been personally reading the popular blogs of late such as that of the PCIJ, MLQ3 and Jove and I have been noticing a barrage of commenters that I am not familiar with. They did not even leave email addresses or blog sites.

At this point, I am converting this manifestation into a motion that this august body conduct an investigation as to the source of these sudden inspiration to read the popular blogs. They may all have come from the same IP address.

There is a motion to have this incident investigated, anyone seconding the motion?



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4 responses to “Just for the record…

  1. punzi,

    kung tatakbo ka, iboboto kita!

  2. Sam

    I second the motion!! napansin ko nga rin…tapos xerox copy ang mga comments sa blogs ng PCIJ, MLQIII, at kay JOVE…hhmmm, mukha nga, mukha nga… pareng Jove, maging ikaw atty. punz, ingatz lagi. Mahirap na kapag may bagyo, may binabaha…baka anurin tayo.

  3. Mr. Chairman, may state for the record the following:

    1. As regards the comment of Jove, I regret to decline his offer to run for public office because our clan has this curse of getting killed if in public office…

    2. As regards the comment of Sam, I respectfully put the same to our technical working group for appropriate investigation, please, Mr. Chairman…


  4. Anonymous

    Mr. Counselor, sir, I think there are no objections.


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