A Fantasy Interpellation

Mr. Chairman, may I interpellate the Honorable Tiglao with just one point?

The Honorable Punzi is again recognized…

With the kind permission of the Honorable Chairman. Honorable Tiglao, you said Her Excellency Corazon Aquino is guitly of intellectual dishonesty, is it not?

Yes, your Honor…

So if Mrs. Aquino says “I am sorry,” will you forgive her?



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2 responses to “A Fantasy Interpellation

  1. Hi Punzi. I hope this “fantasy” will come true, when you someday become one of the movers of our society. Are you thinking of running for electoral position someday?

  2. Hi Major Tom! As Agent Smith would say, “We missed you…”

    See my comment during my previous “fantasy manifestation” regarding Tiglao, my new pet peeve…

    No ambitions, Mr. Chairman. Our clan has this curse…of being killed while in public elective positions…

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