Another Fantasy (Counter) Interpellation

Mr. Chairman, may I interpellate the Honorable Punzi?

The Honorable Tiglao is recognized…

Honorable Punzi, how can a new constitution constitution override the mandate given to a president to serve for 6 years by an old constitution? In short, why would a sitting president be made to cut the term short simply because there is a new constitution?

The answer is simple, o learned one…

That’s why the framers of the new constitution will include cutting such term short under the “transitory provisions.” The sitting president in between constitution naturally has to bear such transition period simply because he is the one unlucky enough to be caught in the middle.

Besides, both constitutions will be ratified as in an exercise of the people’s sovereignty. Please bear in mind the a president is not the sovereign in a democratic country such as ours. By election, a president does not become king (or queen) and is given the right to act like one for the rest of the term.

Sovereignty resides in the people and all authority emanates from them. Hence, if it is the people’s will (as expressed in a new constitution) that a sitting president’s term be cut short, that president cannot complain, ask for a refund or accelerated investment recovery payments…

Oh, ummm, I still don’t get it…


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