That Video Baton…

Micketymoc (“Mr. Poop”) tagged me for this one…

Movies, huh? Not much interest in them anymore, the ones I watch now are due to the proddings of my daugher, Bea.

But I am competent to answer your questions nonetheless, Mr. Chairman…

Number of Films owned on home video?

My VCDs reached the hundreds, I think. All originals but most of them are with that girl now because she started that sham video store business of hers. When that sham folded, I never saw most of my VCDs again (I was particularly hurt over the loss of my complete Joyce Jimenez collection… sob …) I only have a few left with me. Of course the adult videos do not count…

But I have kept my DVDs that total around 50+. Again, save for about 3 or so, all originals.

On VHS… what’s VHS?

Five films that I watch a lot/mean a lot to me?

1. Phantom of the Opera (watched the DIBIDI, but I will buy the original when it comes out)
2. The Matrix
3. The Matrix Reloaded
4. The Matrix Revolutions
5. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (my favorite Star Trek Movie…)

Who to tag?

Can’t decide…raincheck again?


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