My Celphone History

I previously posted on my computer history. It was long indeed.

I likewise previously posted on my gadget inventory. Likewise long, indeed.

For this weekend, let me tell you my celphone history. I wanted this to be in pictures and I’m starting with the GSM models at the start of the text messaging craze.

My first GSM phone was an Ericsson GA 628 I(we) purchased in 1997. Do you remember that? It looked like this:

This was a fantastic phone. It was easy to use (then) and it looked good, especially with a slim battery. And very tough.

Then we bought a Motorolla Modulus. Unfortunately, I could not, for the life of me, find a picture of it. This was the closest picture I could find but I know this is not exactly how it looked like:

After that we went to Nokia and never switched since. We started with a 5110:

Then to a 3210 during Christmas of 1999:

Then I bought a 7110:

This was a good phone, if you can take the software and mechanical breakdowns (associated with the sliding mechanism). Expect mechanical breakdowns when your phone has moving parts (duh…)

Then to a 6210 since I liked the huge phone directory and its slim design. But it kept on having software problems, though…

Then on to a 3310 during December 2000 that we had for only two weeks:

That’s because we immediately bought a 8210 and we immediately sold the 3310 to my ex-wife’s sister.

Then I bought an 8310 for myself. From this time until my Communicator, this was the last phone I bought for myself. All the phones I bought were for my ex-wife, and then I got the phone she handed down.

She wanted an 8850 (because my sister bought one) so I bought one for her…

Then, she wanted a 7650:

She thought it was too big so she then wanted a 7210:

Then I bought her a 6800:

I still use this phone today.

She suddenly wanted an Ericsson T610:

It was soooo hard to use, if you’re used to Nokia. I wanted to hurl it out the window the day we bought it. She had no choice but to live with it because it was her decision.

Finally, during October 2002, I was able to buy a 9210i Communicator for myself. This was the phone I had the longest, basically because I ran out of resources to engage in this mindless, expensive habbit. But I love this phone and all its features. I even used this to store some basic laws I need for day-to-day practice. And I still have this phone to this very day.

Then on 23 January 2003, I bought my ex-wife the last phone I will ever buy for her. Mere months after the T610, she wanted a Nokia 6600.

This was the last phone I had my hands on. Since 2003, I would never get my hands on a new phone. First, because, my two current phones (the 9210i and the 6800) were still working well and still suited my purposes. Second, I could not afford it.

Until now…Through some sort of sheer opportunity, I was able to get my hands on my new baby…the Nokia 9500 Communicator:

I’m still discovering its features. But with its WiFi features alone, I believe that this phone was worth the wait. I’m sticking to Nokia. I’m too spoiled with its user-friendliness…

There you have it, folks. My nasty habbit I do hope I could break… I’m gunning for a 6230i next as a second phone…

As for my ex-wife, I don’t think she even has the 6600 anymore. She probably sold it already….Buti nga….



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3 responses to “My Celphone History

  1. Your Honor, I’ve finally reached your blog.
    We do have something in common – aside from you being a companero – 3210 in 1999, then after that a 6210 then a 3310. I also bought a Sony Ericsson (k700) but I was so used to a Nokia (which I think is more user friendly) that, like you, I wanted to throw my phone out of the window. The Sony takes (and shows) better, crisper pictures though. I had a 6100. Now I have a 6230 but I want something else, the new 8800 but too expensive so I’ll settle for just dreaming about it.
    By the way, of all the cellphones I used, I like the 6210 best. With its large keypad and large fonts, it was very user friendly especially for someone like me who does a lot of texting (more than phoning).

  2. Thanks for visiting. Visited yours, too.

    For me, I loved by 9210i the best because I had a lot of uses for it and it’s the longest one I had used. But my new baby has all its functionality and a lot more extras…

    I also liked the 6210 (I had the cyber silver edition) but I had the misfortune of trashing the phonebook due to some software problems.

    You’re right. The 8800 is very expensive. More expensive than a 9500. I could not justify having that, unless I have a lot of disposable wealth…

    And I’ll probably never going back to Sony Ericsson again. I heard that my brother-in-law who uses a P900 also wants to hurl that contraption out the window as soon as he had it…

    Again, thanks for visiting…

  3. attorney, we have similar history too (same i think with bugsybee) with regards to 3210, switching to 7110 (i called this “tsakak” phone due to the switch panel sound), to 6210 then finally to 3310.

    among nokia phones, i favored the 6210 also is just because of the slim feature and the corporateness. unfortunately, it is one of the highest transmitters of radiation (i read it somewhere) frequencies…

    and converted to myself sony ericsson lately. the downside is the text feature but just like any other tech gadgets, we’ll get used to it in due course.

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