Double Tag!

Tagged by both Mayo (my BPOCC choirmate) and Duke (my blogmate in Turkey, who I may never meet) for this one…

Mr. Chairman, may we interpellate the Honorable Punzi for a few personal questions?

Go ahead, Honorable Mayo and Honorable Duke…

Honorable Punzi, what are the things you enjoy, even when no one around you want to go out and play?

Well Mr. Chairman, I have a lot of experience of being and doing things alone (remember?), but it does not mean I hate it…

1. Well, blogging is a new thing for me and I’m enjoying it a lot, as you may have noticed.

2. If I’m not blogging, I’m into other internet-related stuff like surfing and checking out the bulleting boards I frequent (like the Bukas Palad Online message board). I’m not into chatting, though, except with relatives and mostly only on “official business.”

3. If I’m not into internet related stuff, I’m into computer-related stuff like taking apart my computers and upgrading them, maintaining my computers, installing new software, etc. or fiddling with my other gadgets (like my new phone and my tricked-out PDA that I now overclocked to 530 Mhz.)

4. If I’m not into that, I go for video games in my PS2, sometimes in my PC but that’s not very often.

5. If I’m not into video games, I play the piano (or my keyboard).

6. If not, I set my keyboard to karaoke mode and play my flute.

See? There are lots of things to do for a lone single father… aside from taking care of his kids…

What are the things you do to relieve stress?

While I agree with the Honorable Duke on the sex part, you know my NGA status (NGA=Not Getting Any…) so that’s out of the question…

1. Music. There is someting about playing music (especially the flute) that instantly takes my stress/depression away. This includes choir.

2. Blogging. My new-found stress reliever. Also, there is something about telling the world about how one is feeling/thinking/expressing that relieves stress.

3. Drinking. I used to drink a lot before but I wont tell you how much for fear of reprisal by Tiborcee. Now, I go out with my high school friends, drink a little and watch some live accoustic performances in My Bro’s Mustache. That’s way better than drinking to hurl point…good friends, good food and drink and good music…(there’s something missing though…)

4. Watching TV. I’m a TV addict since high school. During college, I used to watch a minimum of 4 hours a day. Law school cured me of this addiction, only to relapse because of cable TV…

5. Finding oogle girls…Self-explanatory…

Who would you like to tag?

Again, I respectfully move for a deferrment of this motion…


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One response to “Double Tag!

  1. usong-uso talaga itong tag na ito ah. was tagged 3x already.

    galing mo sigurong mag-piano and flute noh? hanggang bamboo flute lang ako eh, hehe! đŸ˜‰

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