The SSS Crowd

Jove Francisco stated in his report that she would be giving a SSS speech. Short, simple and straight to the point. (I would like to add “safe.”)

Instead of focussing on the President’s 2005 State of the Nation Address, let me focus on the crowd.

With the boycott, the President was obviously playing to a friendly crowd. But the crowd was likewise SSS. Stupid, short-sighted and selfish.

Why this characterization?

They did not know when to clap. The howled furiously on the things they wanted to hear, the stuff about charter change, parliamentary form of government and federalism. Someone there even wanted to stand on his desk just to show how pleased hearing charter change… and even his ears was clapping…That’s what they wanted to hear because that will allow them to cling into power.

But when it came to the things that needed applause, like education, the pre-need industry and energy, they gave their usual “golf claps.” These things did not interest them because they had nothing to gain from them. And if I were the Senate President, I should have clapped on the things that mattered, just to show how stupid the crowd was…

Then, all of a sudden, the chants! So stupid and so childish. The military officers present showed more decorum that they did.

Instead of showing strength, that showed weakness. Instead on unity, this crowd drew the line in front of those outside.

The shape of things to come…



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4 responses to “The SSS Crowd

  1. couldn’t have said it better… 🙂

  2. Vera

    They gave a token applause to education and pre-need industry because the mention of these matters are expected in SONAs

    The mention of charter change to parliamentary-federal form of government in the SONA was unexpected for LGU representatives (who gave the loudest applause).

    By the way, people in the provinces watching the SONA on television also applauded on the mention of Federalism and “taking the power from the center to the countryside”….they (especially mindanao) have long wanted economic independence, better control of local rsources, education, security. ..better response of LGUs to local problems. Does that mean they are also Stupid, short-sighted and selfish?

  3. Dear Vera,

    I was still unsure whether to answer your question or not since I normally do not answer people who do not even leave a web/blogsite or email address. I also grow weary of spammers, you know. However…

    That argument would have been valid had the factual basis been correct.

    Do you really want me to believe that the people present there did not expect the charter change and federalism when these have been floating around prior to the SONA? And why were those from the LGUs there in the first place?

    It is precisely because they wanted to hear those that they applauded “lustily.” Because they lust for it.

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