Dear Commission on Audit

26 July 2005

Honorable Guillero N. Carague
Chairperson, Commission on Audit
Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City

Re: Travel Expenses for the 2005 SONA


I am a Filipino Citizen and a taxpayer.

Please initiate an inquiry on the travel expenses of all the local executives present at yesterday’s State of the Nation Address. I would like to know if my hard-earned tax money was spent for their travel, board and lodging and even their pocket money just so that the President would have a “lusty” reception, as the Unlawyer says, for her State of the Nation Address yesterday.

In my small knowledge of government spending procedures, these local government officials have to be on “official business” so that they can travel to Manila. I am not sure whether going to the SONA constitutes “official business” since they can all watch it in their respective jurisdictions on all major cable and free television channels. Also, there is a lot of paperwork (travel authorities, itineraries, etc.) to be filled-up before such official travel took place. Finally, their travel authorities had to be authorized by someone. Please investigate who made such authorization and have him/her held accountable for it.

The Filipino people are relying on your independence in this investigation. Please publish your independent findings and audit memos to those concerned, should you find irregularities thereon, as soon as possible.

Very truly yours,
Juan Dela Cruz


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  1. Can I add my signature to that, sir?

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