Now you’re talking!

The President is presently giving a press conference today. I think she’s filling in the gaps of her State of the Nation Address, filling in the details of her “Phase 2” and somehow downplaying “Phase 3”

Seems that she’s heeding our calls. Now she’s not playing to the gallery (ala “Braveheart”…) but to those outside…

Of course, she gives the first question to NBN’s Rocky Ignacio. She states she’s not a “dramatic president” but a “hardworking” one. And now she’s saying she’ll not be a “hands-on” President anymore but instead concentrate on working for a change in political system.

She has asked her executive “consultative constitutional commission” to propose changes to the constitution, and names one member already, Professor Abueva.

She then takes questions from, you guessed it, the government radio station reporter, asking about her relationship with Cory Aquino and Fidel Ramos. A non-responsive answer…

Then on to Paolo Romero of the Philippine Star, stating she was merely stating an opinion that the Constitution has to be changed, but still leaves the details thereon to the correct body to tackle it.

Next, Milky Rigonan of DZRH, asking about the Cabinet 10. Now she states that crisis will still continue until the political system has been changed, and has kind words for her daughter, Luli, but neither confirms nor denies formally meeting former First Lady Imelda Marcos, but admits “bumping into her.”

Sorry, a client called, I didn’t catch the rest…

“Not because I’m worthy but because God is good…”

Now she’s talking about federalism and charter change, saying that it has always been part of her agenda. And has vowed not to answer any more allegations from the opposition.

Next, Lilia Tolentino of Pilipino Star. Now she says she will submit the 2006 Budget proposal next month, of about P1 trillion. But she’s not afraid that it would not pass on time because of the re-enactment provision in the Constitution.

Finally, Fel Maragay of Manila Standard Today(?). She’s peculiarly speaking of a “body” that will amend Constitution, not “Assembly” or “Convention.” Is she back-tracking from her “con-ass” opinion?

So, how am I as a play-by-play reporter?



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5 responses to “Now you’re talking!

  1. pasado ka na! tara na sa industriya ko.

  2. Not bad, your Honor.

  3. Anonymous

    i read from the Inquirer today that the press conference was ‘rigged’- no international news reporters were allowed and only a pre-selected few journalists from ‘government-friendly’ media institutions were allowed to ask questions.

    some conference.

  4. So much for PGMA’s makeover. Poor crisis management or bad product?

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