Something to break the seriousness…

For once I want to blog about something less than serious. For a change, let’s not talk about what is happening in this country, in my professional life (though, I must say, I’m handling one of the biggest cases of my life right now…but more about that some other time…) or about my personal life. Well, at least for this entry…

So let’s break the apparent seriousness of this blog with, of all things, a lawyer joke.

Once, there was this lawyer who won his first big case and hence, his first big payoff. So he bought the things that he could not afford to buy then.

Finally, he bought the car of his dreams, a BMW Z4.

As he was taking the car out for a spin, his inexperience in these cars must have caught up with him so he slammed that magnificent vehicle into the wall. Miraculously, he survived, but his wrist was severely severed and his car was totalled.

As he got out he fell to his knees shouting, “My car! My beautiful car…”

“Hey Mister!” the paramedic shouted. “How can you worry about your car when your hand was almost severed from your arm?”

“Oh no!” the lawyer screamed. “My ROLEX!”


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