Blogging @ iBlog Mini

Jove, MLQ3, La Vida Lawyer, and J. Angelo,
with JJ Disini in the background… (the one in glasses)
Jove, MLQ3 and Punzi

“Blogging is crisis driven. And the Philippines is in a perpetual state of crisis.”

If there is a line that stuck in today’s iBlog Mini, it is this line from Manolo Quezon. This soon-to-be-famous quote assures us of the future of Philippine blogging. Let’s leave it to the folks that organized this nifty little blogging summit to post the blog-by-blog account of today’s events.

The future of Philippine blogging, you say? There will be plenty, but there will be more face-to-face things in the future, now that the people we have been following in the Philippine blogosphere have assumed flesh. There will be a lot to do, given the state of things to come.

Such interesting times we are living in. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else…

But more than this, it was like meeting old friends, from JJ Disini, J. Angelo, Bangus, Alecks Pabico, Shiela Coronel and the rest of PCIJ gang, Manolo, Tiborcee and Jove.

We remembered, Marisol. Wish you were here…or we wished we were there with you…You too, Major Tom.



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7 responses to “Blogging @ iBlog Mini

  1. hi, atty punzi! and i am not remembered?

    mas malinaw ang pic mo ngayon. you look like a jolly person.

    atty punzi, i sent an email sa pangalang JULIETA YAP to you – sa email. the letter is about the FEATURED TEACHER of Pinoy Teachers Network. i need to have the reply tomorrow. pls check it.


  2. Tampo tampo naman tong si Bing… heheheheh!

    Will check your email…

  3. ako bing na-alala kita, lalu nung may pinagtawanan kami na yuou knw who. lol

    sayang wala ka. seriously.

    punzi (jolly daw) twas great finally seeing my lead counsel in person.

    ps… ninakaw ko mga litrato natin dito for posterity. hehehehe

    oyst… pinakita ko blog page and you syempre sa SENTRO kanina ha. kayo ni MARVIN. nuod kayo replay SENTRO mamaya 6am if you missed it.

  4. Hello Atty. Punzi. Thank you for making it in iblog and for sharing your insights (and the story behind your blog!). Till next time.

  5. @Jove: Jolly daw pero hurting inside…joke! Salamat at nakita ko ang sarili ko sa TV. Pati blog ko na-TV rin! Walang pagnanakaw kung may consent…heheheheh!

    @Ms. Janette: My/Our pleasure…

  6. Next time na may ganyan pwede ba sumali? 🙂 Lapit pa man din ako sa UP. 🙂 I’ve always been fascinated on how blogging has become a pervasive means of venting angst because of everything that has been happening in politics.

    Bloggers, while arguably far from being real journalists, nonetheless have taken to this issue in droves, and perhaps helped in shaping public opinion somewhat. Whether we want to believe it or not, blogging and bloggers actually count for something nowadays na.

    Its always refreshing to see people who look at the serious side, the socially responsible side of blogging. More power to you people. 🙂

  7. hi atty. punzi!

    thanks for posting the pic. i’ll post our shots later.

    @jove, sino? si he-who-must-not-be-named?

    tuwa naman ako sa atin. magkatapat na nga lang tayo nagy-YM pa. haha.

    @bing, sana next time makasama ka naman namin.

    kaw rin, ronallan–lapit ka nga pala sa UP.


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