All it takes is one…

Don’t you just hate it when you’re in a line then the person in front of you lets someone through behind or in front of him? Do you feel someone “pulled one over” you?

Don’t you just hate it when you’re stuck in traffic when one vehicle (most probably a jeepney or a taxi) executes a counterflow? Then, as if it was a contageous disease, others follows suit. After that, heavy traffic becomes a parking lot situation.

There was one story told to me where someone did just that in Cavite and was promptly beaten up by outraged motorists.

And what it is with people who hate to be overtaken? Who hates that a motorist “pulls one over” another? I don’t know why Philippine traffic is always a race where no one wins. Because there is no finish line. And it’s as if a motorists looses his/her man/womanhood if overtaken…

That’s another problem with the Philippines today: the “getting one over” mentality. In an effort to “pull one over” somebody, be it to get ahead in traffic or even in elections, somebody cheats or breaks the rules. Then the others, fearing this one will “pull one over” him, follows suit. Then the situation cascades and degenerates because it becomes a vicious downward spiral.

I hope the Filipino snaps out of this. It only takes one person to break the rules… like what it happening today… The Filipino needs to realize that it only takes one (person or bad mentality) to bring down the entire system. Once he realizes that, he should be afraid to be “the One.”

And and if he does, no one wins.

This serves as your weekend reflection…



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5 responses to “All it takes is one…

  1. Sef

    The reason why government is invented is so that one person cannot get one over another.

    Well it just means that we do not yet have a government that works for us.

  2. other

    sef, government must be abolished. it has no useful purpose for its existence.

  3. Sef,

    I have no problem with the government system right not. On paper, it is a solid system and we can inherit instant experience from the US.

    However, this system has soo been familiar to us that people already know how to beat and cheat it.

    Sure, we can change the system, but knowing how the Filipino ticks, he will find ways to subvert this new one…

  4. I Was just bloghopping on a Sunday morning and I noticed your entry. You made some really good points. I hope that sends a strong message out to others. (Funny, I wrote something about “standing in-line” for one of my recent posts!)

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