Curing the MacEnvies

Finally, I found a cure for my MacEnvies.

No, I did not buy a Mac. But I think I got the next best thing.

It started from blog-hopping towards J. Angelo’s blog. He mentioned that he posted an entry in, that led me to Rain Contreras’ entry on FlyakiteOSX, a freeware MacOSX emulated XP skin. It’s supposed to emulate the OSX’s look and feel…

Of course I installed it and it worked like a charm. Down to the Dock emulator and the cast shadows in the active windows.

Let’s just say the MacEnvies was cured with this “little” XP facelift. But at 25.83 Mb, it’s a hefty download. If you’re still using dial-up, just ask someone with a DSL connection and a flash drive to get it for you…

I had a hard time downloading from the main site. So you can use the alternative link here.

Have fun! If you have the MacEnvies, I hope this helps…



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3 responses to “Curing the MacEnvies

  1. ser if you really want an osx feel, try downloading the icons at under the icons section. there are lot of pseudomac icons to choose from. good luck!

  2. Flyakite slowed down my system. If you’re installing this baby, better be sure you have a pretty decent setup, i.e. P4 up, and a good video card. 😉

    If the dock is good enough for you, then you can also use Stardock’s Objectdock ( ).


  3. To both of you, thanks for the tip.

    @Angelo: While I do admit the performance of two computers I installed it in diminished, it was minimal, hardly noticeable.

    I’m running it on a Duron 850 Mhz 512 MB ram with a Inno 3D NVidia GEforce 2 MX400 and a Celeron 1.3 Ghz laptop 256 MB ram and Intel Xtrme Graphics processor. It’s working well. I don’t do graphic-intensive applications anyway.

    Well to each his own, I guess…


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