Gadgetflash III: Punzi’s Day Out

Last Friday, as some sort of break from the past hectic work week, I went to Greenhills again to look for stuff that’s not available in the neighborhood malls (see the related post here). This time, I was looking for a particular leather case for my new Nokia 9500 Communicator. The thing is, the case I had did not have a hole for the headset so I could not conceal the phone with it attached.

I wanted something that I can conceal around my big “jolly” belly (sorry Bing, I could not get over your description of me…) with the headset attached so I can use the phone as an MP3 player (with a decent 60 songs) while walking around. For driving and other functions, I use my Bluetooth headset.

I also wanted a case I would not take off the phone anymore, for additional protection (dropping this baby would cost as much as another decent celphone). Hence, I decided that a bi-fold case was the best one for me…

So the night before, I found one that looked like this:

It was very expensive but since it served my purpose, I wanted to buy it. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’ll read on…), it did not have a belt-buckle attachment. It was no use to me, so I gave it a pass.

Hence, my trip to the gadget freak’s paradise. It was raining quite hard that day so I was having second thoughts about making the trip.

Did the rounds, but found it difficult to locate one. The cases I first found there were not bi-fold.

Then, paydirt! I found this bi-fold leather case with a rubber membrane cover, making the front panel usable even when closed. The design was ingenious! It looked like this:

And the price? About 30% cheaper. So all the effort getting there was so well worth it… Not only does it protect the investment, it was more functional that what I originally wanted…

I even scored a Wireless-G USB adapter for my non-WiFi laptop that day and it now enjoys the benefits of additional network bandwidth. It turns out there is an actual difference between WiFi-B and G. I thought there would be none. Or is it just psychological…?



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3 responses to “Gadgetflash III: Punzi’s Day Out

  1. Anonymous

    Punzi is Bigtime.

  2. Hi Atty Punzi! Check out the PTN BB, u’re ANG ATING ULIRANG GURO. Thanks to Bing for making kulet to u, Early for another training today, but my rootcanal made me sleep soundly last night. Pls email me, how do you want to be a columnist for a majoy newspaper, tech lawyer :D? Yep the one J.Angelo and I are in. Do you want to be recommended? Regards!

  3. I am looking forward to your posts.

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