Pinoy Teachers Network Feature

It is with some reluctance that I thank the people of Pinoy Teachers Network for featuring me as their Ulirang Guro (Model Teacher), basically because I’m not a teacher by profession. My feelings towards this border on guilt since I feel other “true” teachers deserve to be featured in this section more than me and the other core members have more claim to being featured that I have. The one before me even won the Metrobank Award for Outstanding Teacher.

So now the question I ask myself is: What did I do to deserve this? I have not come up with a satisfactory answer to this.

Anyway, I thank the people who feel I deserve this, especially Marisol and Bing who took pains in reading through the material she asked from me (I sent her blog links instead of writing about myself all over again, given my feelings above).

While actually teaching has crossed my mind (I already approached the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs of the college I attended about the idea), all the things I teach right now can be found in this blog. Be it in law (through my law lectures, now conveniently located in the sideblogs) or in life (my experience teaches people what not to do in relationships…), I hope you can learn something from this blog.

Again, my gratitude. (And let’s end this Oscar-like acceptance speech…)


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