CSI: Manila

Right now, Secretary Mike Defensor is holding press conference in Sulo Hotel essentially debunking the conversations in the Gloriagate tapes. Here, he makes the distinction between authenticating the voices and authenticating the conversations.

“It’s her voice but she’s not the one talking.”

His theory is someone manipulated the words spoken by the President to make it appear that he she wanted to lead by more than one million but this “one million” clip was taken by alleged by a conversation that she asked “is FPJ leading by more than one M?”

Things I like to ask:

1. Why only clips and not the entire 3-hour thing? If your job is on the line, why go stinggy in spending to defend yourself?

2. They already claim that the tapes are inadmissible. So why bother now?

3. What copy were you using?

4. How about admitting talking to a COMELEC official? That amounts to betrayal of public trust.

5. Assuming the “will I still lead…” portion was spliced, how about the one further in the conversation “it cannot be more than one M?”?

6. Of course you’re not afraid Secretary Gonzales is going to prosecute you for violation of Republic Act No. 4200?

Congressman Cayetano renewed his challenge in a radio interview. Secretary Defensor called.

Exciting times we live in. People watch too much CSI…How about CSI: Manila next time.

Will blog some more later.



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2 responses to “CSI: Manila

  1. OT Comment… fan ka ng startrek? Wala lang. Nakita ko lang sa links sa gilid. Hehehe.

  2. Oo naman… Mas gusto ko Voyager kasi pinatay nila si Data…

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