All in all a good Saturday…

Ever since we became more (or less, but more on the less…) financially stable this year (I’m not saying were out of the woods but I worry less about it today than as late as two months back), I’m trying to take my children out every weekend, again.

I remember when I was still “happily” married and my eldest child, Bea, was never shortchanged in terms of attention, love and yes, material things. Things were better seven years ago. We get to go out every week. With a budding solo career then, I could even “declare” some of my Wednesdays as holidays so I can take my family out. Though not much, God seems to provide when we needed it most…

Bea was therefore never shortchanged then. And I love seeing the look on her face as it lights up upon experiencing new things… the first time she went to a mall, to a park, to a cinema, new toys, etc. There is something about a child’s eyes lighting up that likewise lights up my spirit.

Seven years later, things have really changed. Of course, my children don’t have their mother anymore. While Bea has had her fill of love and attention from her mother, Nico, separated therefrom at four months, never really experienced what “motherly love” feels like.

Worse, I never really get to take my children out much because of my separation likewise sapped my finances. Hence, I always feel my youngest, Nico, is now at the shorter end of the stick. On everything. Lack of a motherly attention and love. Even in material things. Even in experiencing new things.

I can’t even give him a “decent” birthday party since his birthday always falls on the date Bea’s tuition payment falls due.

But I hope that will soon change. These days, I try to take my children out every weekend again. Bea is feeling the good effects. As for Nico, I’m seeing more of the light on his eyes as I see his experiencing the outside world. It’s a wonderful fatherly feeling to experience again.

For this Saturday, my children attended the birthday party of a friend’s youngest child in Gateway mall. You should have seen Nico as he ran about the place, screeming at every new thing, every new experience he had encountered. I hope I can have him catch up on what he’s missed…

And Bea? Likewise enjoyed the party… and some sense of life returning back to normal. But of course, you know it will never be…

Sometimes I pity my childred because they will never have that so-called “normal” life. Sometimes I think they need a mother, but I know I just have to be strong and steadfast in fulfilling both roles. Because I have no immediate intention of marrying, or even finding someone else again. Maybe, with God’s blessing and my family’s help, I can raise them well… alone… There I go again… feeling the same way I was when I posted this entry… I do hope I snap out of it soon…

Choir went moderately well tonight. Not too solid a performance. But passable. The ended the day with fixing my nephew’s computer, again while listenning to some client interviews for a new case we’re handling.

All in all, it was a pretty good Saturday, especially for my kids. I do hope we get more of the same.

So how about some more pics of my kids…?



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9 responses to “All in all a good Saturday…

  1. i love going to kiddie’s party! i usually help my friend with their kid’s bday party. a lot of fun especially organising games, food and the theme of the party.

    i’m glad your kids had fun. yes, you need to take them out as much as you can.

    you’re doing a great job, kuya punzi! well done.


  2. Sef

    Hmmm. Well, well…

  3. stethacp

    thank God for the kids who make the day brighter and full of hope and make one to get up and go on and face life’s battle. God bless you and your beautiful kids!


    We’re one month old now! Thank you for helping us disseminate the information about our global pinoy teachers’ network. Thank you for being one of our Core Group Members too. We are professional Filipino Educators. We are going to inspire, be proactive, give hope, and go the extra mile.


  5. wow, cute kids!

    your perseverance is admirable. i’m sure your kids appreciate your effort.

    good luck!

  6. Anonymous

    good for you punzi. as of now, we are definitely feeling the pinch economically. actually, income has been on a severe decline since mid 2001. i do not understand what economic take off gma is saying. i agree that there are two republics. one for the corrupt government officials and crony businessmen who are all raking it in. the other is the middle and lower class who are increasingly finding it difficult to make ends meet.

  7. ser attorney, i admire your responsibility for doing both roles as a parent and i’m happy for you that you have a good time with your kids… and they’re cute, ser!

  8. hi punzi,

    those kids are darned lucky to have you. so you shouldn’t feel that they’re losing out on some things. sincere affection is always better than material goods, and your children will realize it someday (if they don’t already).

    but whenever i get depressed, i just think of how things could be worse. that consoles me somehow. 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    Hey Atty. Punzi,

    Hang on pal. You have the greatest job in the world… being a parent fulfilling mother and father roles. I think God wants you to be in these shoes. Despite our economic problems, it is also time to focus on what is important… just being there for your kids and spending time with them. It is priceless!!!!

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