Results of the Fourth Visit

You may be wondering why I blog about the results of every so-called visit of “that girl” to my children…

But first, let’s do a recap…

This was the result of the first visit. A non-appearance.

This was the second. Another none-appearance

And the third. And yet another…

And now for the fourth? More of the same. Nothing. Not even a text message… Again, Bea breathed a sigh of relief. Again, I like to emphasize that it is not my obligation to remind her of her visits simply because she also has a copy of our custody agreement and I assume she can read.

Now for the reason I make this entry. Of course, I want this to serve as a record for posterity. And the lawyer in me (again…) likewise tells me to because the visitation arrangements in our custody agreement is up for review nine months from April 2005. Hence, if I make time-stamped recordings of each of her nine visits, I would have basis to maintain the once-a-month visit status quo. I remembered how her lawyer even attempted to bargain for more visits. Her efforts were all in vain…

But at the rate this is all going, she may not even ask for the review… Again, it’s not my duty to remind her of her right to such a review, because I’m not her lawyer. But still, I have to record each and every instance she can visit..

So now you understand…

I do, however, wish she would say she’s not visiting so I can take my children out…

Again, this is for record purposes.


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  1. Jesus. I have a similar problem, only that I’m the wife and my life partner has declared weekends his time to recharge (read: sleep and/or watch TV the whole two days). Won’t even get his lazy ass off the bed to hear mass at 11:30 high noon, which he says is “way too early.” He has never read a book to our child, nor changed her diapers, nor given her a bath, nor tucked her in to sleep, nor made “timpla her gatas.” I’d actually be more understanding if he made oodles of money…but he isn’t.

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