Presidential Ant-Graft Commission
State Accounting and Auditing Center (SAAC) Building
Commonwealth Avenue, UP Diliman
Quezon City 1101, Philippines


Dear Hon. De Guzman:

Kindly investigate the recent activities of Secretary Michael T. Defensor. As appointed secretary of the Department of Evironment and Natural Resources, I believe the country’s environment and natural resources should be his priority.

Otherwise, he should ask his boss to transfer him to political affairs or even give him a spot in her “stellar” defense team. But I doubt Atty. Pedro Ferrer will accept him since he already said his findings are useless.

Likewise, an entry or article in the DENR website on the “Dagdag Boses” (voice padding) anomaly is highly inappropriate and may constitute technical malversation of government resources. The entry concerns neither the environment nor natural resources, unless his boss is about to transform this department into the DPER or the “Department of Political Environment and Resources.”

I know this Honorable Commission has the motu proprio function to initiate this investigation, even without a formal complainant under Section 4 of Executive Order No. 12, series of 2001. Hence, the Filipino people expects a prompt and appropriate action on the matter.

Very truly yours,

Juan dela Cruz 😦



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2 responses to “Dear PAGC

  1. Where do I sign up and add my signature?

  2. Hmmm… the DENR “Dagdag Boses” article and link is dead and all traces of it in the website erased… is my blog actually being read…?

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