Secretary Mike Defensor’s latest stunt, as I have guessed, has now prompted to the House to authenticate the tapes. (I was looking for an on-line article on this but it’s on the front page of today’s Philippine Star.)

Then, Michaelangelo Zuce likewise produced a handwritten “bribe list” purportedly by Garci, indicating therein whom to pay and for how much.

What will Secretary Defensor do next? Will he come out, again on DENR time, to produce a report from, oh let’s say David S. Moore , Curt Baggett or Jane B. Eakes, CDE, to say that this bribe list was spliced?

Will he come out again and say, “It is Garcilliano’s handwriting but he’s not the one communicating to us from (place you guess location here)?”

Just kidding…sort of…



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2 responses to “Authentication

  1. Anonymous

    if Mike has half a brain, he should start distancing himself from his boss. the ship is sinking and will soon be gone. get out while you can.

  2. Punzi,

    Taking off from Manolo, could you do a lecture series on Roberts Rules of Order so your readers can curse our legislators in a more enlightened manner.

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