I used to have this pastime before I got into blogging. I used to switch channels between SBN 21 and Net 25 when the two shows of Ang Dating Daan (“ADD,” the Old Path) and Iglesia Ni Cristo (“INC,” Church of Christ) go at each other. When you keep switching between their channels, you can almost hear them debating each other.

As I watch them now (now they’re Skycable channels are close together, ADD is now in UNTV 37 and INC has two channels, Net 25 and GEM TV), I’m picking up the pastime again…while blogging away…

Recently, their continuing debacle has likewise included issues such splicing (where ADD claims the INC spliced the voice of Bro. Ely Soriano to distort his intended message.) ADD now counters with the taped voice of INC’s main leader, Eraneo Manalo. A microcosm of Filipino society. Even there, splicing is the issue?

If you have the time, try to watch them battle each other. A great way to pass the time!

Don’t get me wrong. Of course, I’m not making fun of any of them because I respect these two groups. I’m just surprised there’s also splicing issue there…


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  1. Sam

    Hahaha…akala ko ako lang ang nanunuod sa mga palabas na to. I don’t know but I really enjoyed watching these guys going at each other’s throats. It’s like watching Bitoy’s Funniest Videos.

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