Blogging on a Mac

So here I am blogging on La Vida Lawyer’s Macintosh.

I’ve had experience on a Mac before. When I used Pagemaker to impress my then ex-girlfriend, who did not know how to use it.

She’s still on a Mac now. A G3, I think. As for me, like our destinies, however, we parted ways.

Then I used the PowerMac of my boss. Again, like our destinies, we also parted ways.


The Mac has grown up. And I want one. But how?



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2 responses to “Blogging on a Mac

  1. That’s right, blame the Mac for relationships turned sour.

  2. don’t blame the machine, they’re not the one who’s deciding…

    ser, i prefer macs although i don’t have one, we used it at work. less bugs and crash in terms of os, faster in graphic apps, but limited in other softwares.

    if you can afford it, then i say it’s a go. 🙂

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