System’s up!

Have not gotten sleep since last night. I was up the whole time trying to revive my laptop. It just showed the Apple logo (from Flyakite OSX) then that’s basically it. It would not boot…

Unfortunately, I had to employ the ultimate solution: a low-level format that took a very long time and an operating system reinstall. Almost called on the warranty because the hard disk sounded weird during the format, which was also unusually long… I thought there would be bad sectors but fortunately, there were none…

I do hope I don’t encounter the same problem if and when I get my hands on a Mac…

Slowly, I’m installing the :essentials” first: Office, Firefox, Media Player 10. But only the bare minimum then because I had an important pleading to write this morning and a full day ahead (even sans sleep)… Have not even reloaded my bookmarks…but I reloaded my templates since I rely on these in my work…

Thank God for back-ups, plus my presence of mind to buy a neck-hung MMC/SD card ultra-portable USB 2.0 reader. I did not go for a flash disk strategy since I had a lot of underutilized memory cards. Of course, this strategy was the most economical.

With one of my 128 MB cards, I was able to pre-save my current client files before all these happened. And I’m so glad I did that days ago. The inactives I still have back-ups but I’m still deciding whether to load them or not…

So now, my laptop’s on probation, on light duty, so to speak. Limited to work (I’m still saving on my 128 MMC just in case) and blogging. No DVD/CD burning, Flyakite OSX, Konfabulator and those “performance enhancing” utilities that may have been part of the problem… yet. The contents of my laptop hard disk can still fit into a single DVD-R…

Like crystal glass, trust is easily broken and very difficult to repair. Hence, it may take a while before I trust and rely on my laptop again… the same way I relied upon it for the past 7 months.

I still do not know why my hard disk died. I don’t take it out as much anymore so corruption of critical file(s) due to impact is probably out of the question… a power surge, perhaps? Or a virus attack?

One good result of all of these is it’s working way quicker now than before the hard disk died. Probably because of all the crap I’ve put in recently… So I’ll probably keep this spartan set-up for now… or bring it to the shop just to be sure…

Will try to stay away from blogging about current events today because we all know where this is all heading…OOOOOPPSSS! Me and my big mouth.

Got to go now and catch some Z’s. Apart for that pleading, I even had two meetings and a hearing today…


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  1. Only goes to show that despite how much technology has advanced, there’s still no stopping Murphy’s Law. 🙂

    Never forget 3 cardinal rules of working with computers:

    1. Backup
    2. Backup; and most important of all,
    3. Backup

    Cheers Atty! 🙂

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