Driving home this morning from taking Bea to school, I heard from the radio that Executive Secretary Ermita stated there will be sufficient legal basis to declare martial law in case of unrest once the impeachment complaint is trashed.

Coming from an ex-general, that is no idle threat. But he just revealed their hand and shows they have already considered this a possibility. Extending that further, I think they have considered this as a possible scenario whether the impeachment complaint pushes through or not.

I was just a baby when the Philippines first experienced martial law. Though the martial law provisions now are significantly watered down, a lot can still happen in the now-limited 60 days. Heck, a lot can happen in just one day of captivity without cause or complaint. A gunshot takes way less than a second… Hence, martial law is still a scary possibility, even if it is theoretical to me…

Hence, I feel a sense of great alarm with this development. But this should not daunt us bloggers. Thanks to the internet, we can publish from virtually anywhere.

And to the bloggers abroad, please do us a favor. Don’t loose interest in blogging about this country. It is our only hope if this scenario plays out.



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3 responses to “Shudder…

  1. Anonymous

    If she does do this, I would not be surprised. Through the years, her character has shown. She is indeed a Marcos Jr.

  2. I guess the best thing we can do for now, is hope, and pray. Whatever happens, we can still wage our battle for the truth within the confines of the blogosphere….

  3. manuelbuencamino

    Unlike Marcos, this woman has no limits. She will do whatever it takes to stay in power. Prepare for the worst.

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