Over at lunch yesterday…

After an almost useless meeting with a client yesterday (for that, client will be punished when they get the bill), my two lawyer friends and I were discussing things over lunch at the Podium.

Of course, being lawyers, apart from the speculations on the just-concluded meeting, the topic drifted to politics… and the continuing debate on the rules on impeachment.

It couldn’t be avoided. I used to work for the present lead impeachment congressman, also an ex-ES, who is, IMHO, one of the best minds in the country today. My friend used to work for Congressman “Prejudicial Questions.” As for my other friend, he is the son of the recently-deceased ex-Congressman, ex-Senator… who was the best president we never had.

But a valid point was raised by one of them. He said, “Why nitpick on the rules? Why go to the Rules of Court and the Rules on Evidence?”

He was right. Whose rules do those serve? That’s for the judiciary to govern its own state of affairs. And to use them to serve the legislative branch of this government degrades the entire legislative system in the process. It’s like fitting the proverbial square peg into a round hole.

In the final analysis, if the Legislative Branch has a problem with its rules, they better solve it among themselves. There is really no need to tackle technicalities with the rules that were made for another branch of government.

It’s so simple. The Legislative branch should not let the Judiciary branch tell it what to do in the same way the Judiciary jealously guards its rules from the clutches of Legislative branch.

And besides, even if some people shall bring such issues to the Supreme Court (which admittedly has the jurisdiction to rule on these matters), Congress could just ignore them (which there were prepared to do during the Davide impeachment) and create new laws (or even a new constitution) to subvert such judicial rulings.

So I say, the time for debate over inappropriate rules is over. Congress, basically, can do the heck it wants, subject to accountability with its constituency, of course. So just shut up and make the decision already…!

It’s amazing what roast duck, a dimsum platter, two orders of yang chow fried rice and bottomless green iced tea could do…high blood pressure sets in…



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2 responses to “Over at lunch yesterday…

  1. hey Punzi, to ease your mind…..

    Aeon Flux

    ..don’t know if it will ease the BP though hehe


  2. Thanks Bimbo, I needed that… not only for my health, but for my sanity!

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