Again for some personal news…

Well, had dinner, halo-halo and coffee with a very good friend yesterday. I picked her up from her house at around 5:30 p.m. and I was surprised how time flew. It always does that in the company of good friends, don’t you think?

For a change, the topic was not about me or my problems. It was more about hers. And politics and/or work were completely out of the conversation.

It was a welcome break. I’m already growing weary of telling what happened to me the past three years over and over again… Sometimes, I wish I could just say to them, “Just read my blog…” without sounding like a plug…

Anyway, what was supposed to be another day to take my kids out turned out with a twist. Bea has a sore throat so I have to bring her first to the doctor this morning then go out. But not too much. The bad news about that is she could not attend her friends 7th birthday party.

Nico’s doing fine. He’s “improving” everyday. I don’t know which direction, though…

Of course, it’s choir day for me later so I’m likewise fine…

Have a nice weekend.


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