Pre-Week is upon you…

To the bar reviewees, this is it. All those additional four years of law school and six months of review has come to the events of the four weeks ahead. To those who have been there before but failed, you know what I will be talking about.

For those who are completely off the loop, the frenzy of activities leading up to those fateful Sundays of bar exams is called the pre-week. We have here your pre-week review classes, your school bar operations, your Saturday night school ceremonies, etc. All the hoopla revolves around the bar examinee, and all activities center on assisting him/her in any way possible.

In our case, we started with the seemingly useless pre-week review, which a lot of my companions chose to skip in favor of further review.

But a tip. Don’t skip pre-week review, though it seems one more the same bar review you’re probably sick and tired of already.

Why? This is where the reviewer focusses on particular topics he/she feels will come out in the exams. In short, this is a rich source of BAR TIPS. So fight the urge to skip these sessions.

Then, we have our Saturday night ceremonies. In my school, this starts with an anticipated mass @ 5:00 p.m.

Ironic in my case, though. Through my law school years, I have played for our upperclassmen’s mass. When my turn came, I was still playing, when I shouldn’t be. They could not find a replacement for me at that time, I think…

Immediately after the mass, the crowd breaks in to cheering. Yes, cheering (UAAP style). In out case, you hear “BLUE EAGLE SPELLING,” etc. all over again…

Then the reviewees break off and make their arrangements to ensure they arrive at the venue on time. For some people, especially fratmen/sorrority women, they billet themselves in some cheap hotel in Manila so they can easily access Taft.

With some degree of certainty, the “Alay Lakad” (literally “walk-offering,” a yearly walkathon event for charity) always runs smack into one of these bar Sundays so there would be a huge traffic to hinder going to DLSU (where the Bar Exams are held since my time).

Through that night, this thing called “Bar Operations” gets into gear, where law professors and student-volunteers produce “bar tips” for their reviewees. Bear in mind, though, that these tips are educated guesses on what will come out in the bar. Sometimes they hit. Sometimes they miss. But ours have a reputation of helping the reviewer a lot.

There is, or there should be, no perfect “bar tips” because that would be called a “leakage” instead.

For the reviewees, I suggest you just try to sleep during the night before the exam. You are going to need all the energy you have during the next day. Besides, you cannot possibly cram all you have reviewed into that one night, anyway so why bother? Just rest so you can read your tips refreshed in the morning.

I will blog about my bar experiences next Saturday. But for now, to the bar reviewees, good luck and have a good pre-week. I heard there will be multiple choice questions this year…




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7 responses to “Pre-Week is upon you…

  1. Good luck to all barristers! 🙂

  2. Punz,

    Were you a member of Balikatan? I had to ask since you mentioned you played music during the anticipated masses on Saturday?

    By the way, do they still do the mirroring wherein the first week of August, you study for the last week of the bar until the last week of August where you study Political Law and Labor?

    Reading your blog just made me relive my memories of the bar, the worst being that of men peeing on a Baguio oil tin can converted into a noisy orinola at the back of the classroom. I wonder if you experienced the same privilege as we did especially, the choice seat of sitting beside the orinola.

    Oh well, how time flies. Heard that there are multiple choices. Wonder if that would make the bar an easier task to pass. Will see come results time.

    In the meantime, kwento ka pa! Nice to remember the worst times of your life once in a while sans Paul Anka’s Good Morning Yesterday song.

  3. Atty. Edwin,

    Balix? You mean the third frat in Ateneo (joke!)? Yes I was (or am… card carrying…). My flute-playing got me the fast track to membership.(Instant membership, did not go through the process).

    I don’t know about the reviewees now but I did that mirroring technique. That’s sound advise.

    Fortunately for us, we did not go through that “Baguio Oil” thing because we were in an air-conditioned room in DLSU (no wonder why Ateneo bar topnotchers are few and far between, we are in an obvious homecourt disadvantage or they probably hex the place before we take the exams there…heheheheh!).

    Proctors accompany a reviewee when they answer the call of nature now…

    I don’t know the effect of that “multiple choice” thing in the bar exams. As you have said, let’s just wait and see the results…

    As regards more stories, I will next week. Why don’t do the same, too?

  4. Punz,

    Then I am in good company. I am a member of Baliks too. Sedfrey Candelaria, who was then reviewing for the bar, made me feel at home in Baliks.

    Like you, I played in the mass too but with the guitar. We always had a standing room only mass every Saturday. Law school really puts the fear of God in all of us, whether Baliks, Utopia or Aquila. By the way, any news on a Baliks reunion for all members. Heard something was abrew.

    Maybe you are probably right about La Salle, the place has been hexed against the Blue Eagles. Ought to bring an amulet to counter the hex. heh heh heh

    I leave the bar narration to you. And I might suggest to the FEU bar examinees to look at your blog and print them so they can gain from your experience. I have read your tips and they are a great help.

  5. Anonymous

    my personal bar experience 1994: a few minutes before the political law exam started, a piece of paper was being hurriedly passed around. when my group chanced upon it, I realized it was a reviewer so I immediately and quickly scanned it. just when I started to notice the faint Ateneo logo stamped in the background, a coño speaking Atenean snatched it from us, uttering some demeaning language I don’t remember exactly. no fuss, it was not ours to begin with. finally, the exam started and when my questionnaire was handed to me, voila! it was an exact replica of the Ateneo paper minus the logo and the answers.

    kaya madalas, wala akong bilib sa mga topnotcher na Atenean e.

    just sharing my PERSONAL first hand experience and my PERSONAL opinion.

  6. Did you say 1994, a coño speaking guy? I think I know who that guy is…

    Don’t worry, I’m not bothered by the Ateneo comments. I earned by title the hard way. Did not read the tips since it could not register in my mind anymore anyway.

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