Admiviews bashing

Thank you, thank you!

That’s all I can say to the so-called “Administration” for finally putting up a blog of their own. I’ll let you google it up because I really don’t want to link it here. (Hint: Hunt it down from MLQ3’s blog…)

Now, everything is in black and white and we bloggers can now just bash away at will.

Of course, we (or I in particular) will always be fair. Praise in the right places. Bash in the wrong ones (or is it the other way around…). And of course, I will do it in MY BLOG, where I can do (or say) what I please….

Let me start with just some quickies…

“It’s the economy, stupid!” by Sec. Rigoberto Tiglao

WRONG! It’s the Filipino people’s tummy, idiot! (am not referring to Sec. Tiglao, let me make that clear… for libel purposes, of course)

Alternate bash: How would you like your economic numbers, sir? Fried, steamed, roasted, or any other way? No, I will not ask if you want fries with that since you can’t afford that, too…

“Who won the elections?” by Sec. Ricardo Saludo

Thanks to all the legal maneuverings employed and continue to be employed on the Filipino people, we will never know, won’t we?

Besides, it’s very characteristic for people to cite surveys when they are favorable and shun them when they are not. This entry is a prime example of that.

To cite as proof the GMA won, they cite SWS and Pulse Asia, the same survey firms that now say people want her out. Now, SWS and Pulse Asia are being attacked as non-representative of the people’s opinions. Reconcile that!

Again, I like to thank them for they will provide endless material for us…



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3 responses to “Admiviews bashing

  1. Anonymous

    That is good. Let them drown in the flood of lies they have continually released.

  2. Hi Punzi. Now they entered the fray. It may make blogging more interesting…or circus-like. “The Administration” it seems have always somthing up its sleeves.

  3. Pie

    hello! 😉 can u send me the link? i cant find it anywhere sa blog ni MQ3 eh. or tamad lang talaga ako maghanap. Tama ka, atty. punzi! good material yun for our blogs. 😉 you can just leave word in my tagboard. i’d be thankful really!

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