Administration Blogger’s Change of Title

Just noticed recently that the administration blogger (or bloggers) changed their blospot from “Rational View” to the “Rational Shpere.” (again no link my friends, just look for it and exercise your internet research skills than rely on me to spoonfeed it to you…)

Took me a few seconds to figure out why.

Rather than present its view as “rational,” they intend to use reason to run us into circles? Or run rings around us?

Just guessing…

Me and my iMac will be so happy together… (haven’t decided on a name for it yet, but I don’t usually name my computers. I just refer to them by their processors)



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6 responses to “Administration Blogger’s Change of Title

  1. Punz,

    Salamat naman at ganoon ang pangalan ng blog nila. At least, it goes to show that the admin treats us bloggers as a rational lot and not as irrational fools. but I kinda got tired reading Saludo’s articles. It’s not readable and it’s too long. Instead of engaging the blog, i got sleepy.

  2. naka blogspot sila? He he he wala na bang pndo ang Malacanang?

  3. Wala na nga ata heheheheh! Inubos ni you-know-who…

  4. punz and marvin,

    Read the entry of jove. Apparently, their blog has the imprimatur of GMA.

  5. i have a name for your mac…britney!

  6. Pie

    hi atty punzi! i cannot help but link “that” site to mine. but you should see how i did it. (wink.)

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