Cat out of the bag…

Thank God for people like Congressman Rodolfo Bacani for still having a conscience.

Of course GMA has each and every right to kill the impeachment complaint, when she feels it is technically infirm.

The problem is, impeachment, as we have pointed out, is both a political and a legal process. Yes they can all go through killing the process with all the technicalities it can find. But I agree with Senator Rene Saguisag (for a change) when he said whatever the process will be, there must be not merely a sense, but actual credibility in the entire process. This simply means, if GMA will be acquitted, she will be acquitted on the merits.

What does this mean? This means the darn thing must go to trial. A painful process, but so be it.

If the Administration congressmen kill the impeachment complaint today, the thing still goes to the plenary (see my blog lecture on this here). With this, the opposition still has two options:

1. Muster the 79 (deadline: before or during plenary)
2. Go to the Supreme Court (but ask for a temporary restraining order/preliminary injuction)

I suggest the opposition simply goes for its 79. For the administration, I suggest they at least let the thing go to trial, for I cannot predict the public’s reaction if they kill the impeachment on a technicality.

Writing/calling/texting to your congressman won’t help either. They don’t have a sense of accountability anymore since they feel they don’t owe us a thing. They paid for our votes, remember.



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2 responses to “Cat out of the bag…

  1. Anonymous

    if they have half a brain, the administration solons should not block the impeachment. Otherwise, our country will be in a vey deep hole.

  2. everyone’s so tired of this na…grabe…

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