Transition Complete

*Taken with a Canon Powershot A300

Finally, I got my Korg X5D synthesizer working on my beautiful iMac G5… Had to turn to the net for help. Since the Korg X5D was an “old” synthesizer, it does not have a USB port. So I had to secure a Yamaha UX-16 USB to Midi cable that likewise cost a pretty penny…

The fact that I got my wires crossed (both literally and figuratively) did not help me any these past days. Apparently, you put the Midi In plug to the Midi Out socket and the Midi Out plug to the Midi In socket in the synth. I though it was in to in and out to out… I was so used to having only one plug (a proprietary PC to Host Port) to contend with when it was then connected to a PC.

To test the set-up, I always use “Bizaare Love Triangle” MIDI file since it tests al 16 Midi tracks. Plus, it sounds impressive…

Like Homer Simpson, I was shouting “D’oh!”

With the final issue out of the way, my transition to the world of Apple is complete. Though I still have to use my laptop while away and maintain my (now old) Duron 850 because my father would still use it and I still have files there that I need. Also, I would still use the laptop as a sequencer when I take the X5D to church…

Wish me and my iMac luck.


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5 responses to “Transition Complete

  1. that looks cool!. Pare I can’t make mighty midi to play my midi keyboard. pakitingnan naman.

  2. Pards,

    Unless your keyboard is a general Midi keyboard that you can play on its own (it has a built-in sound processor) or a synthesizer like mine…

    I think your midi keyboard is just that, a keyboard that let’s you “encode” midi signals into GarageBand or any other sequencer. If it does not have its own sound processor, all it plays is the G5’s built-in Midi…

    If it has its own sound generator, this link may be useful. It was useful to me…

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Atty. Punzi,

    Funny, I bought a grand portable keyboard DGX-500 which has a piano sound from e-bay. I am just starting to check the features. Hope I can learn this MIDI… enjoy the music.. brod

  4. Ah! So this is where you literally entertain your clients!

  5. Cat,

    No, I use dancing girls for that…

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