A Eulogy for the Three Impeachment Complaints

Dearly beloved:

We are gathered here today to remember the three impeachment complaints that died yesterday.

Just as they were apparently born (read: initiated) on the same day, so too must they die the same way…

But wait…

The last two died first, killed by a mistaken appreciation (apparently not mistaken, intentional is more the term I’m looking for) of the “one impeachment proceeding per year” rule. It’s like being killed by “reckless imprudence.” Or is it malicious mischief?

As though the first-born had some fighting chance, with the ruling of “sufficiency in form” despite the lack of verification, it did not survive long after it’s siblings, with a ruling of insufficiency in substance, despite the apparent lack of hearing. Once again, a violation of its own rules…

Then, all of a sudden, the enormity of the swindle begins to dawn on all of us. The inherently weak complaint. The immediate endorsement. The Answer Ex Abudante ad Cautelam. The Prejudicial Questions. The Killing of the Strong and the Survival of the Weak. The Sufficiency of Form. The Insufficiency in Subtance. All in a neat package…

You got to admire and curse them all at the same time… a masterstroke of scenario building if I ever did see one…

And before we can even flinch, the Supreme Court will rule on EVAT, just enough to distract us… again …

Let us pray for the Philippines. And let us remember the first state principle:

“Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.”

Let us also remember: Salus Populi est Supreme Lex.

Let us remember all that has come to pass before we even think about selling our votes next election.

May God (Divine Providence or whatever/whoever divine being you believe in) have mercy on us all.




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4 responses to “A Eulogy for the Three Impeachment Complaints

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Atty. Punzi,

    Sana tama si Randy David in expressing hope in Remulla and Cayetano. Sana mali ako of being hopeless in this situation. We know that God loves our country. I pray for more people to stand against these injustice…. for the sake of our kids and the next generation

  2. As Brod Pete would’ve said, Alien! Alien!

  3. Sam

    Nagsindi ako ng kandila para sa luksang bayan.–>

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