15 Minutes of Fame

With the opposition scrambling to gather the 79 votes to impeach the President, that Congressman from Nueva Viscaya withdrew his for a flimsy reason that since he indorsed the second complaint that was thrown out but the Committee on Justice. Of course he also said he would be out of the country during plenary…

A few questions come to mind…

1. Why all the media hoopla surrounding his withdrawal? Is this just to claim your 15 minutes of fame or for maximum damage to the pro-impeachment solons’ morale?

2. What is his real motive for withdrawing his signature because based on his logic, all those who endorsed the amended complaint should withdraw their signatures already? Does this mean he has given up? Or did someone finally “convince” him to do just that?

3. Why did he schedule a trip aboad when Congress is still in session? His main job is to make laws, serve his constituents and attend sessions and hearings, and NOT attend affairs abroad.

His constituents better take note of this so that they could either vote for his opponent next election or charge him more.

Again, this is another prime example of the people getting the leaders they deserve.



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3 responses to “15 Minutes of Fame

  1. Anonymous

    I would not be surprised if he is a paid hack also.

  2. I bet his motives are good…………….FOR ME TO POOP ON!!

  3. Sam

    “God knows Ju das not pay”.

    But what boggles me is why some congressmen allies of ERAP are still not fixing their signatures?

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