More than anything

At least for me personally, music triggers more emotional responses from me than anything else. Let’s just say I’m more moved by music and it triggers more memories than pictures, etc.

Just now, I was going through some “burned” cd’s I made when I was still in my own house, before I moved back to my parent’s house.

Emotions and memories are mixed. Some good (such as the Josh Groban Live! album I managed to burn before the original disc got destroyed).

Some, however, are the CDs I burned for “that girl.” And yes, the memories came back. Admittedly, both good and bad.

Come to think of it, I have not given myself time to mourn the failure of my marriage (or to put is more dramatically, the “loss of a love”). I was so caught up defending my legal position regarding the break-up and our separation (I will blog about how I came back to my parent’s house sometime. Trust me, my life could be the stuff of Filipino teleseryes) and getting on with our lives that I have not really given myself time to really reflect on what happened to us.

But let me focus on the music I just scanned through just now. Yes, I said the memories were both good and bad. But the songs the stuck out were the songs that were her favorites during our turbulent last two years.

The most painful thing is they were mostly love songs. And listening to them now, I’m pretty sure she did not mean these songs for me.

Call me corny but the song Broken Vow, then sung by Josh Groban was my favorite (before popularized in Meteor Garden). In hindsight, that was the perfect song at the time…


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