Just thinking…

I know that is a very dangerous pastime, indeed.

But if we follow the logic of the Justice Committee when it ruled that the first impeachment complaint filed bars all others (a variation of the latin maxim prior tempore prior jure, “priority in time, priority in right”) aren’t they delegating the power to impeach to their filing clerk?

Will this be a case where the first one handed to that clerk bar the others?

Are they really serious in handing to that filing clerk the responsibility of shaping this country’s history?

Well, they better stock the qualifications of that filing clerk with qualifications other than what we require of a President of the Republic. He/she should have more than the ability to read and write, I guess…

Just thinking aloud…



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2 responses to “Just thinking…

  1. Punzi,

    Ha ha ha. Actually, all you need is a clerk who knows how to use the date stamping thing. And also, he should know that 3 comes after 2, 4 comes after 3, and so on.

  2. Well, at least it would be cheaper to bribe a filing clerk than a fat congressman. =P

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