Congressman Rodolfo W. Antonino is objecting to the opposition’s obvious tactic of delaying the proceedings by using technicalities and their alleged misuse of the House Rules.

Here’s a rule for you, sir, “Don’t dish it out if you cannot take it.” If you went at it all night to finish the Justice Committee hearing, what’s another day of the same?

Current tactic of the opposition: Wear the old… I mean veteran lawmakers down with their youth. They seem to be saying, “I can go at it all night. How about you?”

The question is, who is the designated filibuster?



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2 responses to “What?

  1. ayan, kasi…yayabang ng mga batang yan…mas bata pa sa kin kongresista na.

  2. When the oldies used all the technicalities available to them: OK.

    When the technicalities were used against them: FOUL!

    Talk about double standards.

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