Oh Cheez, what did I miss?

Not much but caught up through Manolo Tacitus‘ chronicle.

Voting has begun. I’m worried more over the consequences than the results.

May God have mercy on us all.



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4 responses to “Oh Cheez, what did I miss?

  1. Anonymous

    I am worried too. This means the elf will be able to double cross fvr and jdv as they do not have a hold on her anymore. This means an eventual confrontation between these two groups. I am worried this will be a bloody one.

  2. that is what worries me. leaving it all hanging can be a dangerous thing. as i’ve commented on Jove’s blog today, there were no truths, ours or theirs, that was brought forward, merely technicalities.

    delikado na ito

    pray na lang tayo…..

    Punzi, I wish we can all make the president go away by pressing F11 ano, parang Expose hehe

  3. “So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause.”

    – Padme Amidala

  4. Can we just press Alt-F4?

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