New Legal Principles introduced by the Impeachment Proceedings

Looking back from the marathon impeachment hearings and the entire proceedings in general, it’s wonderful that we have discovered new legal principles to add to my legal treasure chest.

To summarize, they are as follows:

1. A new set of synonyms, that is, complaint is equal to proceedings. Before I thought proceedings refers to a process (sorry for the circular definition) while complaint refers to some piece of paper were one person complains for what another has done. Now, they are the same. But which definition will we follow?

2. Virtual Verification– Thanks to Congress, we lawyers have gained a new privilege. Now, when we swear by something, it is already considered a verification. Another name for it can be the “Lagman Touch” where everything a lawyer touches gets verified.

3. The Congressional Filing Clerk gets the recognition he truly and rightfully deserves. He/she now holds the key to what will be the one and only complaint gets considered by congress in any given impeachment proceeding.

4. Two or more wrongs will now be right. More specifically, 158 wrongs make a right.

5. Honorable people can easily be convinced as long as you give them several million reasons why.

6. Dura lex sed lex (The law may be hard but that is the law) has been repealed in favor of Dura lex sed flex (The law may be hard but it is bendable).



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2 responses to “New Legal Principles introduced by the Impeachment Proceedings

  1. The Punzi Doctrines? He he he. Since you were the first to point them out (as far as I know), you should get the honor.

  2. It doesn’t sound farfetched. The present Congress is really one for the books.

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