Next up on the legislative agenda

With the overwhelming majority enjoyed by the House of Representatives and their current feeling of euphoria and invincibility, they have lined up the following bills and resolutions that they will unanimously pass into law:

1. House Bill No. 007: A bill repealing the law on supply and demand

2. House Bill No. 0210: A bill outlawing and criminalizing violations of the laws of nature, physics, science and mathematics

3. House Resolution No. 010: A resolution declaring one plus one equals eleven (1+1=11)

4. House Bill No. 349: A bill legalizing corruption (since we can’t stop it anyway, might as well make it legal so we can tax them)

5. House Resolution No. 69: A resolution designating a list of certain attorneys who would file impeachment complaints same time next year until 2010 (the list includes Attys. Matalo (for 2006), Dehado (2007), Mahina (2008), Sablay (2009), and Makaw (2010))*

6. House Bill No. 123: A bill repealing the law of averages

7. House Resolution No. 456: A resolution declaring Hurricane Katrina persona non grata and promptly deporting her.

8. House Bill No. 000: Amending Article 11 of the Revised Penal Code by Instituting an additional justifying circumstance (read: a circumstance that excuses all liability) of saying “I’m sorry” when caught.

Please feel free to call, write or text your representative on the bills and resolutions you want them to pass and he/she will surely do the opposite…or you can just put them as your comment here…

*coincidental only if such surnames really exist


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  1. Hey Punzi,
    Bad trip ano….
    heres’s another something to ease those troubles..

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