Phantom of the Opera DVD released

The Phantom 2-Disc DVD set has just been released here 2 days ago and I got my copy yesterday.

Along with the reduced prices (now originals sell for almost half of what it was before), the original has a second disc with the story and making of the movie. I particularly like the interviews with Weber because they showed parts of the original London cast performance.

This definitely has advantages over buying the DiBiDi… sure glad I bought this one…



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3 responses to “Phantom of the Opera DVD released

  1. Punzi,

    Where are your tips for the second week of the bar exams? I think you should give it out every Monday preceding the Sunday bar.

  2. ahhh i have the dibidi version ( shhh) the original is always better!

  3. Great minds think alike, I am a fan too! Watched it in the movie and in Broadway. I have the soundtrack since highschool, and thanks for plugging this…better get myself a copy too.

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