Are you taking the ACET?

ACET stands for the Ateneo College Entrance Tests.

This is a half-day exam that forms part of a prospective applicant’s entrance requirement to the Ateneo College (now called Loyola Schools). I don’t remember how much, though. Is it 50-50 (high school grades to test) or 1/3 1/3 1/3 (grades to test to application form and recommendations)?

Anyway, I used to be a regular examiner for this exam (because GT was working then for the Ateneo Office of Admission and Aid). And I can easily become one again (they gave an honorarium during our time, per session) because I still know a few people there. Just don’t have time for it anymore.

Please note that examiner does not equal proctor in the ACET because the procter merely assists the examiner in distributing/collecting papers, etc. The examiner is the one actually administering the exam. He/she is the one the reads the instructions (for the exams and how to fill the details) and keeps time.

While passing the time between exams, I used to browse the sample exam given provided the examiners. I was thinking if I took it at that time, I would not pass. That test was so darn hard!

I used to do something cruel to my examinees. I brought this kitchen timer with a loud “tick-tock” sound like a time bomb… I imagine that put undue pressure on them… heheheheh!

A few tips are in order, assuming it will still be the same type of exam they are still giving:

1. Of course, I would not remember the questions the tests contain. Besides, they may use different sets every year. So I won’t bother giving you actual questions.

2. As in all exams, be very conscious of the time. Time management is the key in this exam. Do not dwell on any question too long or you’ll lose time to answer the ones you can easily answer. Make an estimate on how much time you have to spend per question (of course, by dividing the number of questions by the time alloted) and try to stick by it.

3. There are some parts of the exams that you have to answer the entire booklet. I’m telling you this now so you won’t get shocked when you’re actually taking the exams.

4. Watch out for what I call the “five minute specials.” These are the traditional exams (logic, vocabulary, etc.) with a twist… you have to finish them in only five minutes. Talk about a speed round!

That’s about it. Good luck and I hope you pass…



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7 responses to “Are you taking the ACET?

  1. Anonymous

    ACETs I think BY DESIGN were never meant to be finished comfortably. It isn’t because that they expected a level of intelligence to answer the questions in the alloted time.

    A good tip I would give (which worked for me) is to answer as fast as possible, when you hit a question that is extra hard and that you know will take too much of your time, just make your best guess. After all, it’s not the ONLY question there 😉 Nor do I think it’s like an IQ test which has different points for each item… so you can really relax and just answer quickly those which are easy for you to answer.

    Worst case scenario of course is that if you find yourself out of time, make sure you answer everything… and don’t select random letters. Just select a whole row (I used B)… there are more chances that a few will hit compared when you purposely randomize your guesses.

    Lastly, always remember that everyone else is probably having the same hard time as you are (save for the REALLY insanely intelligent ones, but those are like what – 2% of the total examinee population?

    So if you think you did “bad” chances are everyone else also did hehehehe. So it all evens out. So it is key to just take the test at a comforatble, safe pace, and get a lot of mistakes, than rack your brains and panic, just so you can get a FEW sureball correct ones.

    – carlo

  2. I can still remember the ACET I took 10 years ago. I had goosebumps. Imagine only finishing the English exams just halfway? I had to take English 10 on the first sem because of that.

    You are correct with the tips. Do not linger on any one question, if you don’t understand it then skip it, do not try and re-check or review your answers asap (only do it if you’re done with one set and you still have time), and read quickly! =)

  3. The only question I remember from my ACET was “The Exxon Valdez disaster was one of ____.” My mind went, Sino sya????????

  4. @Carlo: I totally agree.

    @Yuga: Welcome to my humble abode! May call on you soon to buy my little place in the internet…

    @Cat: That part of the exam, called “Information” is updated every year to cover current events, I think. It’s one of the “five minute specials…:

  5. Anonymous

    geezz.. i guess it’s tad hard… im taking one on sunday and i hope for the best…

    thanks for the tips..

    do you really think it’s that hard?

  6. Yes, my friend, it’s THAT hard

  7. farawayfreedom

    dah. I took the ACET last January for the Ateneo Junior Summer Seminar.. 😦 it was so hard. I think it’s safe to say that I had a mental nosebleed..

    I’ll be taking the ACET again this school year to actually get IN the Ateneo 😀 wish me luck..

    oh and btw, do those college entrance test reviews really help?

    any other tips would be much appreciated…

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