High School Memories

Bea and I attended the wedding of a high school classmate yesterday. He was one of the last to get married.

I was close to this particular one because we used to go out regularly with my law partner (and likewise high school classmate, who will likewise marry next year). He got the benefit of learning from my experience because I have told them everything that happened to me the past years.

I have always told my story to those who cared to listen, not because I’m a kiss-and-tell person but because I want people to learn from my experience. I want to tell them that yes, there are people like “that girl” and yes, there are still those who, despite people like “that girl” who can come out of the situation with their dignities intact.

Anyway, it was a dream wedding and as in all dream weddings, it was all about the bride. And the thing was really organized. They were thoughtful enough to put out the “traditional” things (like the cake-cutting, etc.) out of the way before we had dinner. The fact the they had us ahead of the line at the buffet table was a plus.

That wedding also turned to be a mini high school reunion, as several high school classmates arrived, capped off by our adviser honoring us with her presence. Our class turned out well. Five lawyers, six doctors, a few engineers, businessmen, a Jesuit scholastic, etc. and we’re almost 20 years out of high school…

Bea had a good time. She even went for seconds…

It’s fun to relive our high school memories and I even attempted to rejoin them when they resolved to resume the reunion in Libis. Trouble was there have been reports of numerous “carjacking” incidents in that area, so I was prevailed upon to just stay at home.

Anyway, it was a good day, eventhough I sacrificed playing in the Saturday anticipated Mass. I’ll just play in this afternoon’s Mass.

I hope we can have another reunion soon…



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2 responses to “High School Memories

  1. hi, punzi..

    high school memories make a part of our lives.. it’s good you and Bea enjoyed.

    glad that it seems you’re moving on, too. some say that talking about, not really kissing-and-telling, what happened in our lives could help us to move on…

  2. Attorney, I’ve always been curious about the past you constantly hint at in your posts. If you don’t mind a complete stranger asking, do you have any links that might fill in the blanks? (Sorry kung masyado akong assuming – I guess that’s the risk of bandying one’s personal life on the blogosphere.) 😉

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