Rockstar: INXS

Like some of you, I’ve been following Rockstar: INXS, another Burnett reality-based TV show about INXS looking for a new lead singer to replace Michael Hutchence (their dead lead singer).

The bright note here is Fil-Australian Mig Ayesa has made it to the final three. And rightfully so. He deserved it because he’s very good.

I don’t know how the new INXS front man will be chosen by the band but I assume the final decision will be with INXS.

That decision will depend on where INXS wants to go in the future.

If they want to continue Hutchence’s legacy, J.D. Fortune is the choice because he sounds similar to their former lead guy. He sings INXS songs well.

They may want to select Mig simply because he’s Australian. But we know he’s more than capable for fronting the band. And he has proven it today, with he rendition of “What You Need.”

They may select Marty Casey. But I personally think his style does not go well with INXS. Perhaps in choosing him, INXS want to take the band in another direction. He should change his name, though. I think it’s kind of lame-o.

I know it would still depend on their performances next week.

Of course, being Filipino, I want Mig to win.

But assuming INXS wants to continue on the same direction, they should pick JD. Anyway, they could loose him later on if things don’t work out and promptly go to a Rockstar: INXS Season 2.


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