The Bar’s Third Week and other stuff…

Again, this post is dedicated to those who still have what it takes to plod on through the third week of the bar.

The exams for the third week covers Commercial Law (some call it Mercantile Law) and Criminal Law. Surprisingly, Criminal Law’s only 10% of one’s bar grade but is one of the core subjects in law school (and the law practice in general).

The coverage for commercial law is mostly corporation law, with splashes of the laws on securities and securities transactions and insolvency. The focus may be on these subjects.

In criminal law, you could focus on laws such as treason, espionage, sedition, bribery and all those I have lectured on.

(For those who cannot relate, please bear with me on this one.)

Again, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of attending your pre-week review classes. Remember, your reviewers have spent time and effort to determine the possible questions that could come up in the bar exams and their expertise helps them make educated guesses on predicting these questions. And most of the time, they are right. From personal experience, these pre-week review classes have more good tips than any piece of paper can provide.

In my case, the third week was my second wind. Apparently, I had a good third week because I scored in the 90s here. Then, there was the leakage controversy a few years back that led to the scrapping of the Commercial Law portion of the bar and disciplinary action for two lawyers of the Balgos and Perez law office. I personally think the proposed “retake” of that exam and the eventual scrapping was unfair. They were punishing the entire batch for the sins of a few who benefitted. What if Commercial law was the one exam that could spell the difference between passing and failing? Given my bar grades, had I took the exams that year, I might have failed because of the sins of a few who benefitted.

But on the other hand, I could understand the need to preserve the integrity of the bar and how far the Supreme Court is willing to go to ensure it. With these extreme measures, the bar exams remains the only credible professional licensure exam left in the country, unlike the others, which have repeatedly been the subject of controversies.

Anyway, good luck again to the bar examinees. And again, don’t give up. You’ve come this far.

In some other personal/professional news, I just got my MCLE (Mandatory Continuing Legal Education) Clearance just this Thursday. I had a disciplinary hearing in the Integrated Bar of the Philippines office in Pasig (no, I’m not the one being accused, I’m representing a client who was complaining against another lawyer because of misconduct) so I just scooted by the MCLE department to claim my certificate.

FYI, my MCLE Compliance Number is I-0002313. I just wanted to tell you just in case you still doubt that I’m really a lawyer.

There is a mix-up, however, in my roll number, though. In my certficate of title, my roll number is one thing but in the IBP records and the Supreme Court 2003 List Book, it’s another. I have to go there one day to straighten it out.

Finally, good luck to those who will taking the ACET today and tomorrow. I hope you get the chance to enter a fine, fine school, despite Atty. Lacierda’s claims to the contrary. Heheheheheheh!

Have a good weekend!



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3 responses to “The Bar’s Third Week and other stuff…

  1. Prof. Punzi,

    No contrary claims to the contrary! Actually, I have the best of three worlds in the UAAP.

    Since I was graduated from the Ateneo for my law degree, DLSU for my undergraduate, and I teach in FEU law school, I can always claim affiliation with any of the three schools whenever one of them becomes the champion.

    But over and above that, I agree that Ateneo is the best school if only because that is where I met my wife. Heh heh heh.

    Thanks again for another round of bar tips.

  2. Prof. Punzi,

    Re: MCLE compliance.

    You can ask the MCLE Committee to give credit to your legal articles considering that you publish them in the blogosphere.

    I know that the blogosphere is not one of the mediums stated in the SC memorandum but I think we can argue that the blogs are the new alternative media plus the fact that you have readers who have profited from it.

    So, what do you say? Wanna give it a go?

  3. Yeah why not?

    But the lectures are not in-depth…

    I better just go out and get a real teaching job.

    Just the same, I’m content with receiving and not only giving lectures…

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