Why are we taking this sitting down?

Read this first.

Then ask yourself, “Why are we taking this sitting down?”

Those people. Steal our money. F*ck around with our right of suffrage. Worse, they even approach robbing us blind with a sense of entitlement! The nerve!


But the Congressman said that an unliquidated cash advance “does not mean that the money was spent illegally, but that there’s just some delay in explaining how it was spent .” “It could be a reporting delay. The judgment on whether the money was rightfully spent or not is suspended until the supporting documents are in. A mammoth bureaucracy that spends nearly P1 trillion a year is bound to encounter these reportorial glitches,” the he added.

But then check this news item out from almost a year ago… Some delay!


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One response to “Why are we taking this sitting down?

  1. Doesn’t it make you feel a little uneasy that it’s our good ole bachmate from Ateneo Law KangCongressman Nonoy Andaya defending all these ” little delay(s)” in the liquidation of accounts? Oh, somebody please send me the requirements for migrating to Canada.

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